108 Media Corp.

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108 is an agitator – a force that opposes the standards of the film industry, redefining boundaries of what is possible and achievable. The media industry is not what it used to be, it is untraditional and media is consumed differently, with increasingly diversified forms of delivery and interaction. 108 Media is as unpredictable, leading edge and flexible as todays media demands – we’re targeted, we’re quick to execute, and we give the audience what they want, where they want it, and when they want it! The Why is the easy part, because it is required of a media company to do so or be left behind like print media. The How is the interesting part. 108 Media measures social, blog and web traffic and consumer patterns to fully understand its consumers dynamics, location and tendencies, thereby building effective and timely strategies to maximize media exposure and consumption efficiency. Further, 108 Media controls the pipelines of delivery, creating a truly vertically integrated next-generation media company fully capable to producing, marketing, and distributing media to all major Digital VOD, Broadband VOD and Paid Cable platforms. We cut the old mantras of advertising and media delivery and enable a truly cross promotional and cross platform digital experience.

Acquisition Region(s):

  • Canada
  • Canada (French)