20,000 Leagues Under the Sea   (1996)
Based on Jules Vernes' classic tale of Captain Nemo and the crew of the Nautilus as they explore and confront the dangers of the unknown world beneath the seas.
Project Type:
Feature Film
Running Time:
Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Michael Anderson
Joe Wiesenfeld, Jules Verne
John Davis
Project Status:
Dubbed In:
French, German, Italian, Spanish
In 1867, Professor Aronnax (Richard Crenna), renowned marine biologist, is summoned by the Navy to identify the mysterious sea creature that disabled the steamship Nova Scotia in the North Atlantic. He agrees to undertake an expedition. His daughter, Sophie (Julie Cox), also a brilliant marine biologist, disguised as a man, comes as her father’s assistant. On ship, she becomes smitten with harpoonist Ned Land (Paul Gross). At night, the shimmering green sea beast is spotted. When Ned tries to spear it, the monster rams their ship. Aronnax, Sophie and Ned are thrown overboard. Floundering, they cling to a huge hull which rises from the deeps. The “sea beast” is a sleek futuristic submarine, commanded by Captain Nemo. He invites them aboard, but warns if they enter the Nautilus, they will not be free to leave. The submarine is a marvel of technology, with electricity harnessed for use on board. Nemo provides his guests diving suits equipped with oxygen for exploration of the dazzling undersea world. Aronnax learns Nemo was destined to be the king to lead his people into the modern scientific world, but was forced from his land by enemies. Now, he is hoping to halt shipping between the United States and Europe as a way of regaining his throne. Ned makes several escape attempts, but Sophie and her father find the opportunities for scientific study too great to leave. Sophie rejects Nemo’s marriage proposal calling him selfish. He shows his generosity, revealing gold bars he will drop near his former country for pearl divers to find and use to help the unfortunate. During their travels Ned is almost killed by sharks. The Nautilus sinks a British battleship that provokes Nemo, killing two of his crew. When the Nautilus ventures into the Caribbean, it is attacked by a giant squid. Nemo has only a half-day of oxygen and the tentacled creature holds the submarine in a death grip. Divers sent to destroy it are killed. In desperation, Nemo promises to release his hostages if Ned kills the powerful squid with his harpoon. Ned is successful and Nemo, keeping his word, sets them free on a nearby island and returns to the deep....more
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